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Recipes from the So Good Kitchen

Not only are So Good soy beverages healthy alternatives to drinking milk, the benefits of soy provide an excellent alternative for cooking as well. Whatever time of day, cooking with the benefit of soy in your recipes opens up a whole new world of healthy possibilities for nutrition and great tasting snacks and meals.

Start simple with So Good soy beverage in your cereals and smoothie recipes. Or take your culinary creations to a new level with creamy pasta sauces and deceivingly decadent desserts like custards, cheesecakes, and puddings.

So Good soy beverage provides all the taste and goodness of traditional dairy products with the added benefit of soy to ensure your cooking is the best and most nutritious it can be for you and your family.

Next time you're entertaining guests or just looking for a change in your daily eating regimen, make a positive change in your cooking with the goodness of So Good Soy Beverages.

So Good Kitchen Tips

  • Substitute equal amounts of So Good in any of your favourite recipes that call for milk or cream.
  • So Good works great in dishes that contain little or no acid, like a cream sauce over cooked vegetables.
  • Soymilk tends to separate when boiled. Try whisking it in at the end of cooking to heat and combine flavours or us it in textured dishes.
  • So Good is great in dishes where its light sweetness blends well with other ingredients, like in a tiramisu dessert.
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