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Health Check TM

So Good Fortified Soy Beverage is a participant in Health CheckTM - a food information program developed by the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada.

Health CheckTM is designed to help consumers make better informed food choices when they shop.

The Health CheckTM logo, an explanatory message and a nutrition information panel on a package of food indicates that the product has been reviewed by the Heart and Stroke Foundation and meets established nutrient criteria.

So Good Fortified Soy Beverages meet the Foundation's criteria and packages proudly display the Health CheckTM logo and details.

According to Carol Dombrow, Registered Dietitian for the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, "Calcium is an essential nutrient for healthy eating and we are pleased to recognize So Good as an excellent source of calcium, and an alternative choice to milk."

For more information about Health CheckTM, visit the Heart and Stroke Foundation site at: www.healthcheck.org